Chapter 9 (Settings)


The “Settings” menu option from the Galaxy Ops screen is mostly for system maintenance but also displays the “Color” Key” which is very useful to the new user plus this is where you find the User Manual which is even more useful.

Under “Settings” there is the following pull down menu options.

  • Galaxy Setup
  • Company Defaults
  • User Editor
  • Time Scale Color Key
  • User Manual

Galaxy Setup - If you select the Galaxy Setup menu option under Settings, the following editor will appear.



Figure 9-1


Let’s look at the nine functions that you can edit on this screen.

Start Time (Hours Only) – This defines what time of the day that you want your Galaxy Ops screen to begin. One word about your Time scale, the resolution in the display setting in your computer might make difference in how you might want to Start your Time. As an example, if your computer has a fairly low resolution and if you normally don’t have flights before about 0600 time, you might want to set your Start Time at about 0500 as the time scale would normal display about eleven hours at a time. However if you have a fairly high resolution, you might have a time scale of almost twenty four hours and would probably want to have your Start Time set for 00. Experiment with this feature and see what works the best for you. It is totally easy to change back and forth any time you need to.

Number of 24 hours to track – Notice at the bottom of the Galaxy Ops screen there should be a slide bar. If this field (Number of 24 hours to track) is set for 10, you can slide the entire screen back and forth along a ten day period. Unfortunately, the menu items on the left top of the Galaxy Ops screen will scroll to the left out of view so that if you need one of these menu options, you will have to scroll the screen back to the right until you have the menu options in view.

Setting a New Starting Date – There are two ways to set the start for the Galaxy Ops screen. The first way is to set it for the desired start date when you logon. To logon, bring up your Web browser like Internet Explorer or Fire Fox and enter the following URL in the address line, This will bring up the following logon screen.



Figure 9-2


Enter your user name and password and whatever start date you wish to start with. This date automatically defaults to today’s current date if you don’t make any changes.

Once having logged on, and the Galaxy Ops screen comes up, this will be in the browser address line.

On the end of this URL is the start date. You can manually edit this date to get any start date that you wish. If today’s date was April the 7th and you were to change the Start Date to April the 4th, “April 7” will still appear above the first Aircraft Tag on the top left of the Galaxy Ops screen but “Apr 4th” is displayed just below the beginning of the Time Line. This just means that todays date is the 4 but you have selected the 4th to use for your start date.



Figure 9-3 


Continuing on our subject “Settings” shown in Figure 9-1 we will go to “Line Spacing”. This is merely the number of spaces between Tail Tags. If you only have a few aircraft, you would probably want to use “2”. If you had a dozen or more aircraft, you would probably want to use “1” which is the minimum line which would reduce the number of times that you might have to scroll your aircraft Tail Tags up and down to see all of your aircraft. These Tail Tags are sorted in Alphabetical and Numerical ascending order. Any airplanes that are in the possession of your company but not yet in operation or any aircraft that mechanically is in scheduled maintenance, should be changed to Black in the Tail Tag editor.

When you click on a Tail Tag, the following screen comes up.



Figure 9-4

As you can see, by clicking on the aircraft tag in the lower right of this screen it will change the Tail Tag to black in color. Always exit this screen by clicking on “Save” if you have made a change to data in this screen.

Flight Type – Flight Type is on longer being used in this program.

Advanced Time Line – Whenever you are displaying your Galaxy Ops screen on the present day, you will see a white vertical line extending down from the current time in the Time Scale. This is called the “Time Line”. In addition, we provide a red line which can be made to disappear or to locate it in advance of the current time by a preselected time period. As an example you might want to use a 60 minute advance warning from when a flight is due to depart or you may want to sue 90 or 120 minutes in advance period. To preselect this time, make the entry in the “Advanced Time Line” field in the Settings editor, in minutes.

Use Time Zone – This feature uses GMT Time as a zero point of reference as GMT Standard time. Therefore, if you want the Galaxy to display in EST, then you would enter “4” in the “Use Time Zone” field. Iy you want your Time Line to show EDT then you would enter “3” in this field. Whatever time difference that you want to display, just change this field and that will show that as being the current time in that particular location.

On Duty – This specifies what the Scheduled “On Duty” Time is prior to Scheduled Departures Time.

Off Duty - This specifies what the Off Duty Time will be after the Actual Arrival Time.

Minimum Rest – This data is no longer used in the Galaxy System. Minimum Rest Time is specified in our software.

Company Defaults – This editor or screen is not being used for this application.

User Editor – This editor is used for Authorized personnel only.

Time Scale - The Time Scale is the white scale along the top of the Galaxy Ops screen which represents a time period for the day’s operation. It can be changed for how many days of operation that you can see on your Galaxy Ops Screen.

You can adjust this scale in the menu option “Time Scale” under Settings. This is what your Galaxy Ops screen looks like with the Time scale to “1 Hour Scale” which is typical.



Figure 9-5


This is what the Time Scale looks like when it is set to “4 Hour Scale”.



Figure 9-6


There is also a “2 Hour Scale” and a “3 Hour Scale” setting.

The last of the menu options under Settings is “Help Keys”. Under “Help Keys” are the following menu options;

Flight Plan – Not used in this application.

Query Block - Not used in this application.

Color Key – When you click on the “Color Key” option, the following screen comes up. This is an informational screen that has the color codes for the Aircraft Tags in the right hand column and for the Flight Tags in the left hand column.



Figure 9-7


The last menu option under the “Color Key” option is “User Manual as shown below.
The User “User Manual” menu item is locater just to the Right of the “Settings” menu item
Along the top of the Galaxy Ops screen.

Settings                             User Manual                 checker_tuttle              V-03-26-2013

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