Chapter 4 - (A/C Info)



“Manage Aircraft” is the first of four menu items in the pull down list under “A/C Info”. The other three items “MEL Editor”, “Air Carrier Tail Editor” and “Corporate Tail Editor” are not used in this application. The “Aircraft Manage” option brings up a screen that displays your list of aircraft where you can do various operations on that aircraft, such as “Delete”, “Edit” and “Copy as”. There is also an option to add an aircraft on the “Manage A/C” screen. 



  Figure 4-1


 Let’s start out with “Add”. When “Add” is clicked on, the following screen comes up.



Figure 4-2


As a convention it is recommended to just use the last three digits of the tail number, not the “N” preceding the tail number or the Letters on the end of a tail number. This keeps it simple and over all saves time and effort for the user. This Tail number will appear on each “Tail Tag”. Once having used this screen to add a Tail number, the “Edit” option is used to finish the installation of an aircraft tail. The “Edit” option is used from time to time to make changes to the tail file. Below is the “Edit” editor screen.



Figure 4-3


The Tail Number as specified when the aircraft was added, will always remain in this field and cannot be edited. The “Aircraft Type” is used to match with the Crewmember qualifications listed in the “Crew Manage” screen unless the word “ALL” is entered in that field in the “Crew Manage” screen. See chapter 6 below. “Minutes to Taxi Out” defines the taxi out time which is reflected on the Flight Following editor. “Minutes to Taxi In” defines the taxi in time which is reflected on the Flight Following screen editor. The “Total Flight Hours” and the “Total Cycles” fields are used in the Aircraft Maintenance program but is not applicable in this application. None of the rest of the fields in this screen are used at this time. Out of all the fields shown in Figure 4-3 above, only 9 fields are used for some purpose which are Aircraft Number, Aircraft Type, Minutes to Taxi Out, Minutes to Taxi In and Company ID. The Total Flight Hours (Actually Actual Aircraft Hours), Total Cycles and Hobbs Meter (Actually the same as “Total Flight Hours” are used in the Maintenance program and not in Crew Tracking.

The “MEL Editor” is N/A in this application.

The “Air Carrier Tail Editor” is N/A in this application.

The “Corporate Tail Editor” is N/A in this application.


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