Chapter 00 - (Preface)



DISTRIBUTION - This User Manual has been written and is presented by Galaxy Systems, Inc. It is included as an integral part of the Galaxy System software and may be printed out in hard copy by the Operator for distribution within it’s company personnel for internal use only. None of the material contained in this manual may be shared with or distributed to any entity outside the company. The operator is solely responsible for the distribution within the company and the control of its distribution.

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Chapter 6 (Crew Info)

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Original 04-08-2013                                                                         Page 1


SOFTWARE DATE – The current version of this Galaxy System software is 04-15-2013.

VERSION – The current Version of this Galaxy System software is V-04-15-2013.

The version number is the same as the date of the software and can be found just above the Time scale on the Galaxy Ops screen and just to the right of the User Name. This Version Number or date should match the Software Date and Version illustrated on this page above.